As the sound from the sea waves whispers in your ears and the little lighthouse catches your eyes , the unique blue colour of Aegean Sea becomes a whole new sensation in TOXOTIS VILLAS, a setting designed to accommodate fairytale weddings and imaginative happenings.
Eerie, atmospheric and beautiful, the setting looks like a riddle, charming and mysterious . A unique oasis located in an unusual landscape that travels to faraway fairy lands.

The nature in its magnificence sets the tempo taking the role of a maestro conducting a spectacular symphony of
breathtaking sights and seeing .
At night, the soft surrounding lights and the calm water from the pool to mirror the starry sky add a new romantic dimension to the area .

The natural beauty is the perfect canvas for decoration beyond the ordinary.
You are just about to live your dream! All you have to do is close your eyes and let your desires and imagination leads you to your event.


Imaginative and delightful menu options will be the passport to a reception with class, impeccable service, delicious tastes and specialties that will be discussed and reminisced !
Every corner of the TOXOTIS VILLAS, every small detail has been made and chosen with care and respect for each guest!
Impressive , classy and luxurious decor reflect both, the magical feeling of the Aegean Sea and the unique energy of the island!
At TOXOTIS VILLAS, your wedding will be a dreamy event in a setting made in heaven!